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guardian London New Plymouth museum and art gallery opens with Mayflower and mammoths The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:
NVIDIADesign Santa Clara, CA Join us for the inaugural AI Art Gallery at @NVIDIA #GTC20 to discover the beauty and magic of AI creations and go behind the scenes in virtual studio tours. This is the official handle for all #NVIDIAQuadro and professional graphics-related news and info. Learn about the latest in #AI for graphics, #VR, and more.
CEAirglobal Shanghai 154-meter long scrolls, automatic blooming machine flowers, and a roof made up of 8,000 pieces of completely different glass. What is this place? 🧐 Follow our French flight attendant Lucine Magand to explore this "art gallery" together. #ARTDAXING World-class hospitality with Eastern charm!
globlin_prince I work by an art gallery/museum and it's donate anything to go in :) I rly like getting to wind down there 🍄🦔🍀| little age: 0-4 | big age: 16 | enby |
tallndiabolical Houston, TX Young!Ar’alani: maybe this dude is going to take me to a festival with food and music and stuff Thrawn: let’s talk battle tactics and analyze these paintings Ar’Alani: help I’m trapped in a musty art gallery with a hUGE NERD I’m gonna write books or die trying and it’s pretty 50/50 at this point. Jesus only Jesus ever. also, I have a cat. ✝️😸📚🖖🏼🤷🏼‍♀️
megmaggio88 Meg@pekinfinearts.com #Wampanoag #Mayflower : New Plymouth museum and art gallery opens with Mayflower and mammoths @PékinFineArts director, #Beijing & #HongKong contemporary #China #art #gallery and #art consultancy. Traveling where ever our artists exhibit!
halal_weeb kame house 🏝 i gained like 75 art moots in the past week and now my tl is a gorgeous art gallery 🥺🥺 19 | pop punk is better than regular punk music :) artist & airbender !! 🍃 self-taught so that's why my crap forked
Retrcvixcattus #ᴛɪɴᴋʟᴇʙᴏᴏ | ɴsғᴡ | ʙʟᴍ → she only steals expensive things, such as artwork and her mom stupidly gave her a key to the art gallery. && — ;ヽ A̶N̶D̶ THOUGH SHE BE BUT 𝐿𝐼𝑇𝑇𝐿𝐸 ⁣  ⁣  ⁣ SHE IS 𝐅𝐈𝐄𝐑𝐂𝐄... ⁣  ⁣  ⁣ MARVEL / DC | OC / FAKE / 21+
COMMI3MARK Best Korea @JMoneyFiller Where is it? I mean Best Korea obviously... These two "scary" buildings you always see on the news are a museum and an art gallery. BACK THE ADVENTURES OF KIM IL SUNG AND BEST KOREA NOW ON IGG #CGUK
xisumystic she/any 17 i was going through my art gallery and i forgot i drew this ages ago wenslee and kitty: the power of fluffy boys shines within us!!
dianesbaker1 Vancouver, British Columbia Employee Dismissal from a Not For Profit Organization For anyone who has volunteered as board member; on a strata council; on a community business association; an art gallery; etc. you know what kind of problems arise from the will…As a professional Risk Consultant after an amazing career in insurance, I have so much to offer. People need to be inspired! They need to trust us more.
mgalleriespna 54 Mine Hill Rd Washington, NJ Entomology & Fantasy 9/1-9/30/20 by Roberta Rose Derbyshire at M Galleries PNA @mgalleriespna - "I received a German bisque doll from a friend and that started a new quest to find more." - #art #gallery - - - Entomology and Fantasy 9/1-9/30/20 by Roberta Rose Derbyshire / 54 Mine Hill Rd. Washington, NJ 07882 / Opening reception Fri 9/11 6pm-9pm / DM for questions
HASGalleries West Hartford, CT MEET ART GALLERY TEAM- #uhart My name is Eve Schiano, a junior pursuing a Photography major, with a minor in Painting & Art History. I prefer to work hands on and focus on the process that is involved with creating. Joseloff Gallery, Silpe Gallery, Kaman Print Study Center, Art on Campus
EllieRoll_ Scott’s wiiplay resale company Extras: All Soundtracks Available Gamecube controller support for sunshine (was that so hard) Art Gallery for each game, as well as videos like trailers and promotional videos Bonus Content: Playable Demo of Super Mario 128 (not really needed, i just thought it’d be cool) mega man nerd|banner by @PurriBell i love her|i also flex sometimes
bbytrbl__ headempty & high oh to be at the art gallery laying in front of a monet painting with my friends talking about how we should all marry rich men so we can buy this painting and put it in our bathroom to look at while we all bathe in our divorce money i like art and i crave the blissful eternal slumber
CarolynWright19 Benllech, Anglesey @LaReine94943111 @MotherFreds @GraziaUK Eugenie works as a director of the London art gallery Hauser and Wirth and Beatrice works in business. Not just in the tabloids. Teacher, Mum of 3, gardener, linguist, R4 fan, love baking, cooking and crafts
ANU_Press Australian National University Only a few spots left for the launch of ‘How Local Art Made Australia’s National Capital’ with author @annidoyle and ANU Emeritus Professor Helen Ennis. This Friday 25 September at the Canberra Contemporary Art Gallery. RSVPs essential The first and largest open-access university Press in the world. Based at ANU, we publish academic monographs and journals across a wide variety of disciplines.
SusanSheenArt Surrey UK A new collection of six artworks, created using moulding medium, acrylic paint, and varnish. All framed ready to premier at the October Exhibition at Capital Art Gallery in Greenwich, followed by the First for Art @denbiesvineyard in November. Surrey-based contemporary artist offering an eclectic collection of painted art.
MyVancouver Vancouver British Columbia Get out and get your culture on with a ride on @TransLink to the Vancouver Art Gallery and Bill Reid Gallery in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Toast your sophisticated selves at the newly-licensed plaza at Vancouver Art Gallery! We're the official account for Tourism Vancouver Español: @VisitaVancouver Japanese: @VancouverTabi Chinese:
DedicatedNurses Nationwide Today's Work Local Wednesday feature is #Norwood, OH! We have opportunities waiting for #Nurses and Nursing Assistants in the area. On your days off, check out the Hyde Park Mushroom house or the Redtree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop. Call: 866-450-5550 to get started! Dedicated Nursing Associates is a professional medical staffing, travel nursing and home care firm that services all fifty states.
MsRMoore St.Catharines, ON Our art gallery is growing! I love offering a way for children to put their work on display and show pride. Students can choose to take work home or add it to our gallery wall. Mom, Kindergarten teacher and life-long learner. Interested in playbased learning, Inquiry and the Reggio Emilia Approach.
ArtistAnonymou7 I’m just now starting to appreciate quality children’s literature. It’s dope and so important for kids. Miss me with that (most) YouTube. Even the illustrations got me vibing. It’s a modern art gallery. Painting paintings and praising His promises. Ideas for music, writing, and more. If you have any work you want to get out, I can post it.
OisinTheDeer Warwickshire, England New Plymouth museum and art gallery opens with Mayflower and mammoths Hello, my name is Oisin (pronounced 'o-sheen'). I am an extinct Giant Irish Deer and I live in the Market Hall Museum in Warwick. Cervid/Megaloceros.
jrotella Chicago Join us for the inaugural AI Art Gallery at @NVIDIA #GTC20 to discover the beauty and magic of AI creations and go behind the scenes in virtual studio tours. a technologist that lives at the intersection of design and technology, while crossing boundaries, breaking through barriers, & pushing limits of anything new
msmimbles Sheffield, England @lipstickleft You wanna hop over? fork all stars but juicy diys... (and I think it might be cos I did a bunch of time hoping to beef up my art gallery lol) human wot does stuff. org @fantastic_next. aka @jasonterfalls. ❤️s 📸 🌊🎠 🤼‍♂️👩‍🎤 she/her. zines @
FTHRNICO Atlanta, GA GoodBoy Gallery...9/30 This is a 3D digital art Gallery highlighting all the amazing visual artists who live in the digital age including myself. Support and spread the word! The physical GB2 magazine will be re-releasing the same day along side it! 🌟 Art Director & Designer at @LVRN. little black hat. fathernicodesign@gmail.com 🇪🇹
FaselisGrowth San Francisco, CA Send photographs of art and art gallery with your #pressrelease. #FaselisGrowth will help you with this Powerful SaaS platform to create/distribute press releases to journalists/influencers worldwide. Built for PR pros (Faselis PR) and startups (Faselis Growth).
17thavesw Calgary, AB This Saturday from 10AM - 4PM @CalgaryFuse is having a sale! 50% OFF on in stock Bullseye volume discount merchandise. AND get 10% OFF all fine art in their art gallery! #MeetMeon17th #YYC 17th Ave is Calgary's Retail & Entertainment District. Follow us for all official news and updates. #MeetMeOn17th
ed_stephenson Raleigh, NC Ed Stephenson has a show on 09/25/2020 at 05:00 PM @ [Cancelled]KD Morris Art Gallery and Wine Shop in Supply, NC #concert Ed Stephenson, a Toronto native, resides in Raleigh North Carolina.He is a Spanish and Nuevo Flamenco guitarist.Performs throughout North America .
HarthouseJames Brookfield, MO - Joined 2015 @RichieHof This is the star attraction of the art gallery, and it was just taken out a couple of years ago for cleaning and returned. We saw it last year after the cleaning. Poet, bibliophile, retired English teacher, antique enthusiast, or just old.
human4truth Australia @TRUreporting Here's a pic of something that I found offended me on my visit to the South Australian Art Gallery. It sits at the front of the gallery. This was last year, I'll have to go back and see if it's still standing there in its smugness. Human. Truth Advocate. Label Despiser. Cake Lover. Nap Taker. Sovereign & Sentient.
6ArianaJustin blm feminist lgbtq -TWICE -SAN Btw what do you want to be in the future ? — I will be a model and i will have enough paintings to open my own art gallery In this house we love and accept everyone, regardless of the sexuality race, age nationality or religion and we support the kpop stand i love all teams •She/the
sheefymcfly Detroit I’d open a mezcal tasting bar and art Gallery in Detroit one day only mezcal we got here is Casamigos smh Visual Artist, Producer/DJ, Rapper/Host, Marijuana Enthusiast, Detroit Legend.
MrsGallAPS Ask us about our art gallery. Natural resources and the book called ‘The Dot’ gave us inspiration #proud #playisthewayfc @airthprimary Welcome to the Airth P1 Twitter page. Here you will find a snap shot of our learning adventure.
AgasiyevElmar President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva viewed landscaping work carried out in #Balakhani settlement.  Balakhani village has recently turned into unique open-air art gallery, where houses are painted with colorful images.
MrsF159 This painting is called “A Letter from Papa” by Frederick Goodall and hangs in Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery. Very apt. Over 60 & voted Remain. Likes and Retweets not necessarily an endorsement.
CursedLibrary Literary sources are from In any case, #Trump had finally #collapsed on the floor of the art gallery and had been unable to do anything but #groan somewhat #pitifully and, to be honest, somewhat #irritatingly since that time. I tweet cursed sentences from literature by renaming characters after Donald Trump. Everything is canon. Satire is dead.
JanFreedman Plymouth The Guardian described my display as "sea creatures pickled in jars that look more like an installation by Damien Hirst than a city museum exhibit." - I did all the work with a colleague. - The collections are scientifically and historically important. Writer. Nerd. Natural History Curator at @TheBoxPlymouth. Editor for @Nat_SCA journal. Co-founder of @TwilightBeasts. All views my own! He/Him/His
__trashdaddy Philly ..... an art gallery in New Orleans just followed me and liked all my paintings...... is this ........ a sign ♉️♒️♋️they/them
TwickPete Twickenham @l_endean @StillMovingCIC Saw this earlier, and thought of you: Curious. Love learning, marketing, concise writing, reading and occasional mischief. Want to leave a better world than I joined.
Chad_Difficulty Kansas City, MO @TeaKitsune I just wanna say your work was one of the first to grace my home art gallery and it's always been very close to my heart as a result. I'm thankful for the work you've done already and it helps put a little bit of happiness in a world that's sorely lacking it. I'm just here to be a hype man for artists I like. Display picture by @pianofairie My favorite bands/artists are Bradio, Demondice, and Polkadot Stingray.
FahadChuzza Pakistan @halaalnosering Someone frame this tweet and put it in a Art Gallery. 1D🚶 Hell to the LIERS. Here's To YoU aND Me!
stateless New Zealand @EricCrampton The new Christchurch library is wonderful. Definitely the model to follow. I do have fond memories of the old library (art gallery). Going up and down the stairs, and the underground children's section. Have kids. Maths. Finance. Business. Director. Occasional Coder. Quixotic Eccentricity. Urban & Cycling Advocacy. Bike Akl. Gen Zero. See also @tbuklijas
PartiallyRoyal Austin, TX Got a rug and a coffee table. So damn close being done with furniture!! Then it’s plants, lights and art 🤔 But I saw these today at an art gallery in Austin, if they weren’t so expensive I’d get them! 100% worth the price though. I play the games on YouTube & Twitch. Weeknights at 4pm CT: (Contact: PartiallyRoyal@gmail.com) @AstroGaming x @LogitechG
RomanSa16991357 Update: - i have several new neighbor - the art gallery of the museum has been inagurated - i buy several things everyday - i have a vending machine, a drink machine , a cotton candy stall and a popcorn machine - all my neighbors are obsessed with my garden hey there, kiddos! it's your happypappypatton!💙💙💙
BarGfk Miami, FL GFK (graphic) Bar is a virtual art gallery featuring skateboard collectibles from numerous brands, including, but not limited to, Baker, Birdhouse, Foundation, Mystery, Primitive, Toy Machine, and Zero. We regularly add new decks to the collection We are here to celebrate the art of skateboarding and welcome you to join us. Skateboarding is art. eBay page:
ideaspbusiness Worldwide 6 Practical Online #Marketing Tips for a Modern Art Gallery In this day and age, leveraging online marketing avenues is a must for a business to gain any exposure. The art Media Consultant. PR Executive. Editor @IdeasPBusiness. As seen on @Hackernoon, @HuffPost, @Thrive Global, @CareerMetis, @GoodMenProject and others.
TSReid Wherever you get podcasts! We are not in a post racial world... it's very important and necessary to know if you're in an art gallery or theater who's writing that book or that script or who's doing the painting, where they're coming from. Using audio to advocate, educate and entertain. Podcasting at Reid My Mind Radio - & 1/2 of the @2BlindMics team. 🎙🎙
Zarina69218422 today I was in an art gallery, and I saw the work of the beautiful Korean artist Lee K. the picture of Jimin is really great, I'm so happy,BTS I love you guys! thank you! we will always be a support and support for you and you for us!! I purple you💜 #BTS @BTS_twt #ARMY
maggie_albrecht Join us for the inaugural AI Art Gallery at @NVIDIA #GTC20 to discover the beauty and magic of AI creations and go behind the scenes in virtual studio tours. Seriously, we have met before. All opinions are my own.

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