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Raven Dark
Raven Dark

AKA: Jennifer Singleton
  • Drawings
  • Painter
  • Portrait
  • Water Colour
Die For Love
Die For Love

I was drawn to the world of Faery from an early age, and just love spending my spare time even now, painting and drawing elves, faeries, witches, mermaids, vampires, and any wonderful creature of dark, otherworldly beauty.

I love to read and write poetry, and have had some poems published in anthologies. I am inspired in both my writing and painting by Norse and Celtic mythology, fantasy and pre-Rafael art, the works of JRR Tolkien, metal/gothic music (H.I.M and Nightwish), and romantic poetry (especially the work of WB Yeats, John Keats, and my dear friend, Niko).

The artists I greatly admire include Jessica Galbreth, Kim Turner, Amy Brown, Maxine Gadd, Brian Froud, Sheila Wolk, Selina Fenech, Marci McDonald, Alan Lee, and John Waterhouse.


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