Spent most of this week

Spent most of this week putting this story together on the rise and fall of Ballarats Biennale of Australian Art It was a wild ride Voodoo dolls and angry artists Ballarat biennales heartbreaking trainwreck

beneltham Melbourne Spent most of this week putting this story together on the rise and fall of Ballarat's Biennale of Australian Art. It was a wild ride. Voodoo dolls and angry artists: Ballarat biennale's ‘heartbreaking’ trainwreck National Affairs Correspondent, New Matilda; arts journalist, Crikey; Lecturer, Monash University.
ConversationEDU Australia ScoMo wants to build a A$6.7 million replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour to circumnavigate Australia. But Cook never circumnavigated Aus. He wasn't even the first European to land on Aussie shores. The real story can be found in #Aboriginal engravings: Independent news + analysis from the sharpest academic minds. Monthly audience: 14m users onsite + 37m through creative commons republication.
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artnet New York, N.Y. Actor Steve Martin amassed a stellar collection of Australian Aboriginal art at warp speed—and now you can see it at Gagosian. The Art World Online
freegypsyrose Chicago, IL this western australian art fag record slaps lost all chats
ArtsHub Australia Sure, promise me an artist fee - then not pay me! The Biennale of Australian Art leaves 32 artists in the lurch by not honouring exhibition contracts. #fairpay #BOAA National art news for artists arts lovers and informed arts industry.
Mrs_G123 Pike Road, Al We finally finished our Australian Aboriginal Art book with only 3.5 days left of school! It sure was exciting to hit publish today! So many excited faces! Take a look! #PikeRoadWay Community One Lead Learner @pikeroadschools challenging little minds to think big! | Google Certified Edu. L1 |  Teacher | @Seesaw Ambassador
internetweekly SF East Bay Betty Pula Morton (Australian Ampilatwatja, b. 1957): My Country and Bush Medicine (2019 Art Prize). The Internet Weekly Guy. Also on FB
GAlexanderlucas London,UK.BREXIT 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @DebraTh33488408 @ViceroyLC @BBCWorld There is a tribe in New Guinea that is reputed to be 75,000 years old. The Australian aborigines are reputed to be in Australia for 50.000 years. They originally came from India. The art of the sand people in South Africa dates back 70.000 years 'God the Holy Spirit is my comforter,my strength,my Joy and my friend'
101loltoday New York, NY Installation AC Institute space at Platforms. It takes place in the Athens School of Fine Arts. Work by two Australian artists—Elizabeth Gower (photos of her feet from 1980-2019) documented by year & place and John R. Neeson photos of found style lifes. & Art Alchemy & the Gift. Artist, curator & critic. Member AICA. Ph.D. Art History U. Essex. BA, MA, ABD Economics & MS Beh. Science UCLA. Director @_ACInstitute_ @ACBooks
movetosydney Sydney, Australia On the eve of the Eurovision grand final, Australian singer Kate Miller-Heidke says politics cannot overpower art.
_Casaubon_ Toronto, Canada @JimmyLevendia Have you ever seen a documentary by Robert Hughes, the late great Australian Art Critic? He hosted The Shock of the New. He was very critical of Modern Art, he absolutely despised Pop Art, and particularly Warhol. honk honk!
londonartnews London, England Crushed by Debt, the Biennial of Australian Art Has Folded With Dozens of Artists Still Awaiting Payment Art & exhibition news. Promote your exhibition, event, talk, job opportunity or residency. DM or tweet us with details and we'll share here and on our website.
StocktrekImages Orlando, Florida Featured Art of the Day: "Australian Scan Eagle launches". Buy it at: Global Leader in Speciality Stock Imagery & Wall Art. Specializing in Military Forces, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Healthcare & Medicine, & Underwater Photography.
ImagesLimerick Limerick, Ireland @gerbendeperben @rosaleen_bolger @Limerick_Leader @LimerickCouncil @limerickcitybiz @LmkTidyTown @limerickguide @limerickpost @LimerickArts @conorgmcnamara @amreeryan @aobrien05 @elisaodonovan @roisinmeaney Can't believe the 'Smug' mural commissioned by the council has just been removed.The Australian based, artist Smug is regarded as one of the finest mural painters & yet, even with our city's strong spirit of art & creativity, the piece is now gone forever. Sad & shortsighted. Images of County Limerick's Urban & Rural Architecture, History, Landscape & Arts
DailyArtSpirit DFW Dallas North Texas First-Ever Biennale Of Australian Art Has Collapsed Into Insolvency Headlines from national visual art news & instruction sources, art reviews, famous artists, and how-to articles -- designed to lift your art spirit & inspire.
CornerDevils @hunter_mufc It kinda looks like Australian Aboriginal art with the design haha. Well I guess I like it... For everything Manchester United. From news updates to banter! Follow @CornerDevils
ArtsJournalNews Seattle, WA First-Ever Biennale Of Australian Art Has Collapsed Into Insolvency: “It seemed like a good idea at the time. Bringing hundreds of Australian artists together in [an inland, non-state-capital] city for a large arts festival could turbo-charge Ballarat’… The arts world's front page - Arts stories from across the internet - Editor: @AJDoug
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DianaMSharpton Richardson, TX Excellent Artistic Website on #pixels by #BlairStuart @australian_6 @StuartMediaNews Stunning #Australian #landscape #photography #action #sports #Original #digital #Art #oneofakind #Creative #abstracts Check it out! #Stuartmedia #BlairStuartPhotography @DianaMSharpton #FinancialAnalyst #Writer #Poet #Photographer #NOPORN