This the process she uses

This the process she uses

KiltLanderJP cape charles virginia
@Jane85365320 @FeatherReed @Lover_dove This is the process she uses to create her art. I have known her for over th…

IranLawrence USA - A collection of my abstract art limited edition premium archival pigment print on Canvas will soon be available online. Stay tuned.
A successful work of art draws you into itself, provokes you to imagine your own meaning and complete it as your ow…

Aurinth Michigan, USA
How many times is it healthy to watch/listen to #ThisIsAmerica? Asking for a friend because I--I mean they--may be…

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jenlpereira Nebraska, USA
@atd The Art and Science of Training. One of the participants said it and it perfectly aligned with my philosophy t…

art_interesting The Great Beyond
@DamianCollins Pursue them for what, precisely?

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Reposting @malinored: #minimalism #minimalist #archidaily #design #architecture #cool #style #blackandwhite…

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