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Degrees of Abstraction

Doll  Oil on paper  Debra John
Doll Oil on paper Debra John

07 October 2004 - 14 November 2004

Flapping By  Drypoint/Monoprin
Flapping By Drypoint/Monoprin

Works on paper by Jeremy Barrett, Kim Barter, Diana Orinda Burns, Juliana Hilton, Debra Johnston and Judy Jones
From Above  Linocut  Jeremy Ba
From Above Linocut Jeremy Ba

After the camera was invented early in the 19th Century, artists no longer felt compelled to record the world around them with absolute realism. Their challenge became how to add something more to that which the eyes (and now the camera) could record. They began to 'abstract' their world - to distort, simplify, de-construct and re-construct visual reality in order to give greater meaning. The current exhibition at Falkner Gallery, 'Degrees of Abstraction' is by six Central Victorian artists who work on paper, either as printmakers or painters. They demonstrate varying degrees of abstraction in order to add to or interpret reality.

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