Australian Art

Face to Face with Asylum Seekers

17 July 2013 - 03 August 2013

A poigniant and moving exhibition by Pat Waters. To be opened by The Honourable Dr Barry Jones (20 July 4pm – 6pm) Followed by a public presentation with Curtin Detention Centre (2002) psychologist, Jeanette Gibson and Afghan refugee Qasemy Nasim

Inspired by Goya’s uncompromising approach in The Disasters of War, Waters communicates the tragedy of sinking boats, drowning children and dehumanising Australian policies which incarcerate refugees in detention centres. Pat Waters utilises enlarged reproductions of her original drawings, significantly erases others to indicate the absence and anonymity of those lost and attaches text to images directing us to underlying political propaganda. The theme of loss permeates the exhibition and Waters appropriates Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko into a suite of prints that strongly conveys the idea of absence, “Not people die, worlds die in them”. Art history has accepted imagined faces as worthy representations of religious and historical figures. Waters works with the concept of the “anonymous portrait” to give a presence that respectfully acknowledges unknown people lost at sea and others confined for years in detention centres. Artists talk and discussion with Pat Waters and Jeanette Gibson 3 August 2pm

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